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Any quality brand knows a thing or two about the importance of marketing. At HairClub, we operate an advertising-driven business that attracts new clients by understanding the market/customer needs and providing solutions for all levels of hair loss. Here are some key elements to our approach:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum financial requirements to qualify to own a HairClub franchised business?


To obtain proper funding required to move forward, we ask our franchisees to have a minimum of $200,000 liquid assets and $600,000 net worth. These requirements may vary from market to market based on real estate, construction costs, etc.

What is the cost to own a HairClub


Currently, the total initial investment to own a single center ranges between $491,733 - $1,516,083. This includes an initial franchise fee ranging from $25,000 to $50,000. Costs can vary greatly based on square footage and local market costs associated with real estate, construction, materials, furniture, etc. Please see Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for additional details.

How is a territory defined?


While we do not offer exclusive territories, your center will be within a Protected Area. This means anyone interested in HairClub services within your Protected Area will be directed to your center for a consultation.

Does HairClub offer in-house financing?


No, we do not offer in-house financing. You will have the opportunity to work with any lender of your choice.

How much money can I make?


You will find our Financial Performance Representation (Item 19) in our FDD which outlines gross sales averages for our entire network, along with a breakdown of costs for our corporate-owned centers.

Do I have to have real estate selected before becoming a franchise?


No. Our support team will work with each franchisee to understand the various options and needs within your market where you will operate your HairClub franchise.

How big is a HairClub center?


A center typically ranges between 2,000 – 5,000 square feet. The size of your center will be determined based on your Designated Market Area (DMA) population and what makes sense for your market

How many company-owned centers exist?


HairClub owns 85 centers across the United States and Puerto Rico and another 12 in Canada. We believe it’s important to set the standard of how to operate a HairClub center. That way our franchisees have a proven system that’s been time-tested for decades. See Item 20 of our FDD.

Do I have to have stylist experience to own a HairClub franchise?


No, our franchisees do not need to be a licensed cosmetologist. In fact, our owners come from all types of background and experiences. Our ideal candidate is willing to follow a proven system and is passionate about helping others.

Can I own more than one center?


If we feel you are a good candidate, then, yes. We are always excited to talk to those that feel they have what it takes to own multiple centers

How long does it take to open a center?


While the goal is to open your center within 10 to 12 months from signing your Franchise Agreement, there are many factors that can alter that timeline. Site selection, lease negotiation, permitting, construction, and timing of your successful completion of the required training are just some of the many factors that can greatly affect your opening date.

What about training and ongoing support?


As detailed in Item 11 of our FDD, at the appropriate point between signing and grand opening, you’ll go through extensive corporate and on-site training, which includes, operations, sales, and product knowledge training. Once open, you’ll continue to have access to our support team via phone, email, and on-site visits. Our team is also available for ongoing training programs so you can feel confident you’re not in this alone.

Do I qualify?


To learn more and find out if you’re qualified, you’ll need to complete a Request for Consideration (RFC). Please fill out our contact form to receive the RFC and additional information, including our FDD.

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