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Path to Ownership


Let’s get to know each other! An initial conversation allows us to learn about your interests and answer some preliminary questions you may have about HairClub. You’ll also be asked to complete a short Request for Consideration form so we can evaluate some basic qualifications.

FDD Review

Time for the details. We’ll send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which outlines who we are, the business model, investment numbers and other important information you need to know about the HairClub franchise. We’ll plan a call to cover any of your questions.

Mutual Investigation

Piecing it together. Now that you understand the basics of the business, we’ll continue our education by learning the specifics about operations, real estate, training, support and more. In addition, it’s important to understand your goals, experience and skill sets. By now, we should have a good idea if there’s a potential fit.


Put it to the test. By now we hope you feel confident in our franchise model and system, but we want you to verify by speaking with those that live it on a daily basis. Learn how HairClub has helped others fulfill their personal and professional goals through conversations with other franchise owners/operators.

Discovery Day

The real deal. This will be your opportunity to meet the Team in person and visit a HairClub Center to see, firsthand, what we’re all about. We want you to ask lots of questions, get a feel for our culture and have fun!

Executive Team Approval

Impress the Team. Our Executive Team will do a final evaluation of your application and make a decision on awarding a franchise. If approved, we’ll send you the Franchise Agreement in preparation for signing.

Welcome to HairClub

Sign and celebrate! We will execute the Franchise Agreement and welcome our newest member to the HairClub family. Get ready to change lives!

Who's our Ideal Candidate?

Are you a fit?

What makes a great HairClub franchisee? It starts with a passion to help others. Not only do we help men and women restore their hair, we change the way they experience life. If that excites you, let’s take a look at other characteristics that make up a HairClub owner.

• Business Experience

Don’t have experience in the hair loss industry? Not to worry. Our candidates come from a variety of backgrounds. If you are creative and strategic with an entrepreneur’s mentality, let’s have a chat.

• Culture and Commitment

As said above, we look for passionate partners that have a desire to help others, but it doesn’t stop there. Enthusiasm for our business model and the commitment to stick to it is paramount in becoming a successful franchise owner.

• Financials

As with any business, proper capitalization is crucial in setting up your business for success. While these figures may vary from market to market, we typically ask our franchisees to have a minimum net worth of $600,000, including $200,000 in liquid assets.

Please review our Investment Info to learn more about what it takes to start up a HairClub franchise.

Estimated Initial Investment

Initial Operating Expenses
Franchise Fee
Business Fees
Initial Inventory
Grand Opening Marketing
Construction Costs


- TO -

Estimated Initial Investment

Of course, the specifics will always depend on the market and available real estate, but this chart will give you a general breakdown of your startup costs, from construction to equipment all the way to marketing for your grand opening. See Item 7 in the Franchise Disclosure Document for details.

Initial Operating Expenses

Three months' worth capital to support on going operational expenses


Furniture, fixtures and equipment including computer hardware and software

Franchise Fee

Exclusive right to own and operate a HairClub Center, including proprietary products and technologies


Cost to rent a space, including utility deposits, for your HairClub Center

Business Fees

Includes expenses for legal, accounting, licences, permits, insurance, travel for training, and other miscellaneous expense

Initial Inventory

the amount of inventory to launch your HairClub business

Grand Opening Marketing

Initiate brand awareness and client interest

Construction Costs

A combination of leasehold improvements, signage, and architect fees


What kind of Estimated Initial

Investment Should you prepare for?


What kind of Financial Performance

Representation is Available?


Markets & Locations

With 120 locations in North America, HairClub has a presence in all major metropolitan areas, with certain markets capable of supporting multiple locations. We’ve found that our business model really thrives in areas with 300,000+ television households that have a strong median income. Find the location that’s right for you.


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